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Gartside Marine | Tuesday, 20 August 2019
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We perform troubleshooting and upgrades to charging systems, as well as general
electrical maintenance.  If you are having trouble keeping your batteries charged we can pinpoint the cause.

Maybe the problem is an alternator malfunction, or a wiring problem, or simply an old battery.
Whatever the situation, we can get you going quickly, efficiently and economically.

A common charging problem on a sailboat is a lack of running time on the engine to allow the batteries to recharge completely. This leads to a slow discharge over a period of time. The solution here is to upgrade the alternator and regulator package to reduce charging time,----- or run the engine for longer!

If your 12 or 24 volt power requirements are increasing due to the addition of equipment,e.g. referigeration, radar, heating,etc., we can help you to re-size the battery capacity and charging system properly to keep up!

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